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Заказать expertise in cis and russia по договорной цене в Бишкеке, Кыргызстан
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Заказать expertise in cis and russia по договорной цене в Бишкеке, Кыргызстан
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CIS countries and Russia are a maze of coastal, landlocked and rocky, mountainous regions. They need well-planned multimodal transportation. In addition, each country has specific and complex regulatory requirements.

Central Asia is a vital region that is rich in energy, central in geography, and boundless in opportunities. It is a critical link that bridges East (China), West (Caspian Sea), North (Russia) and South (Afghanistan). With the Silk Road initiatives being undertaken - that could one day join Europe and Asia as well as connect Central Asia to its southern neighbors India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan - the region holds immense importance from logistics perspective in time to come.

We are able offer superior services by virtue of having first-hand experience and own office in the CIS. Operating out of our Bishkek office, we can manage global shipments to / from CIS and Russia with greater attention to details and handle regional requirements more effectively. Our operations are further consolidated by associate offices across all major cities. We work with an aim to provide customers the best route to reach their market using time and cost analysis tools. Our endeavor is to consistently improve the quality of transport and logistics services throughout the regions.

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